Immensely passionate about travel, we love to grab any chance to take time off work and immerse ourselves in the handiwork of both God and man. This is a journal of our travels, which was initially meant as a personal record of some of our unforgettable experiences. We have since realized that there are many of you who love to share in our adventures as you plan your own.


Glancing through these pictures, you are transported to the very spot they were taken, recollecting the sights, sounds and people around at that time. When life looks bleak, these pictures inspire to sweep off the cobwebs of doubt and look at life anew. For travel truly sets your spirit free and unleashes the explorer in anyone wishing to escape the quagmire of everyday mundane life.


Travel and Beyond, an award winning travel blog seek partners who believe that today’s travelers seek value, comfort and peace of mind as they embark on a discovery of the world. Our goal is to inspire people to explore and widen their experiences. Contained here are sponsored articles written for companies who share this vision with us. These are a true reflection of our own experiences.


Over the years, some of our writings have made it into the pages and websites of popular media publications. It is immensely gratifying to see articles we wrote out of passion find an outlet for thousands of readers out there with whom these great media houses connect and inspire everyday. Here is a list of where we have been featured, and we endeavour on expanding this list.