Where to Eat in Singapore – Part II

Its been 3 months since the foodie frenzy of  Where to Eat in Singapore – Part I  and its time for an update. Here are more tasty dishes and great spots to savour the flavours of Singapore!

One of the most interesting places to have a meal at is at the Chinatown Complex situated at 335 Smith Street. Its a two storey hawker centre renowned for local favourites such as Claypot Rice, Glutinous Rice and Yong Tau Fu. A must try is a simple chicken dish called Sesame Oil Chicken.

With only a few ingredients used to make this great tasting meal, its surprising to see that all one needs to compliment it, is steamed white rice. The stall that serves this is located in the middle isle on the second floor and has a very clear signboard stating its speciality! A bowl of Sesame Oil Chicken could cost approximately $5.

Located at 52-56 Upper Cross Street, Spring Court Restaurant is a must visit for that authentic flavours of Chinese fine dining. Established since 1929, this restaurant serves the best stir fried asparagus with scallops, steamed lobster with pan fried garlic and huge juicy Sri Lankan crabs cooked in a sweet and spicy gravy – Singapore’s famous Chilli Crab dish! A meal for four that includes seafood can set you back about $250.

If noodles are your thing, try the Fried Kway Teow located at 7 Chinatown Food Street. Made from flat rice, the noodles are stir fired in a deep black wok with garlic, bean sprouts, cockles, prawns and coated in a sweetish savoury soya sauce. This scrumptious filling plate of noodles gets its special taste from being cooked in a little pork lard and topped off with some Chinese sausages called lap cheong. a plate of friend Kway Teow cost approximately $7.

Though Apolo Banana Leaf has been mentioned in Part I, a second round mention is well deserved for their succulent Tandoori Chicken and Mutton Sheek Kebabs. Located on 54 Race Course Road and open throughout the day from 12 noon to 10.30pm, this restaurant is by far the cleanest and most friendliest.

Their service is excellent when the restaurant isn’t too crowded. Drinks along with a half portion of Chicken Tandoori and Mutton Sheek Kebabs could cost approximately $20 for a company of two.

For a taste of Hyderabad, head over to the Andhra Curry Restaurant located at 41 Kerbau Road for a moist and delicious Special Chicken Biryani experience. Served in a stainless steel-copper bottom bowl, their chicken biryani is filled with flavour with extremely tender meat that just falls of the bone. The mutton biryani on the other hand isn’t its best with the meat being too dry and the rice being too bland.

One Special Chicken Biryani can set you back about $10.50. If you are not too much of a rice eater, two people can easily share this meal. The biryani  is accompanied by chicken curry and raita (onions and cucumber in yoghurt). With many other dishes listed on their menu, try to make it there early for either lunch or dinner to be able to  have a variety of dishes to choose from as the restaurant closes from 3pm to 6pm daily.

If you’ve missed it, here is Where to Eat in Singapore – Part I  again!

*All prices are quoted in Singapore Dollar.


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