Kite Flying Taken to New Heights

by Rosemarie John on April 1, 2012

Marina Bay, Singapore has been the grounds for the recent i Light Marina Bay festival as well as the location of many corresponding activities and performances. One performance that stood out was that of Go Fly Kite. A home grown concept, remote controlled kite flying has captured the interest of many festival visitors these past three weeks.

With kite flying being an already popular hobby among local Singaporeans, Go Fly Kite takes it up a notch by not only providing freedom of flight with stringless kites (RC Kites) but also the joy of night flying as its carbon fibre body is dotted with LED lights.

An ingenious idea of creator Michael Lim, this indigenous invention has the ability to perform somewhat like a remote controlled aeroplane. Performing basic aerobatic manoeuvres, RC Kites can also perform synchronised high speed stunt flying with their kites tied together.

The Singapore Sky Dancers with their Dragon RC Kite

With the ability to hover, loop, roll and fly in confined areas as well as the great outdoors, this uniquely Singapore product manned by the Sky Dancers painted the Marina bay skyline with its colourful lights and interesting routine over the weekends.

If you’re ever on the island and you see beams of lights move in synchronised flight, you can be sure its Go Fly Kite

Photos courtesy of Darren Chin, an IT specialist who’s passion for photography has him seeking that ultimate shot whether night or day. Photography to him is like an eternal flame as he seeks to capture moments to last a lifetime. Drop by his website and follow him on Facebook

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