Driving Up to Nagarkot

With altitudes ranging between 100 metres above sea level to the pinnacle of the Earth which is Mount Everest, Nepal is undoubtedly a vast mountainous country with many hill stations . Amongst them, located 32 kilometres east of Kathmandu is Nagarkot. Situated within the Bhaktapur District, Nagarkot is known for its scenic spots of the Himalayas when the weather is clear.

At an elevation of 2,195 metres, Nagarkot offers a panoramic view of the lush green meadows, serene hills and  deep gorges.  Though the snow covered mountain peaks are not visible during the rainy reason the view is still considered by some to be simply beautiful. Apart from the panorama, Nagarkot is known mainly for pony rides and hill top accommodations. Should scenic views and mountain scenery be what you’re looking for then a 2-hour drive from Kathmandu city will be worth it.

The best way to travel to Nagarkot is to hire a driver and a private car so you can choose when and were to stop. There are also many tour buses that take visitors there as well. There are two famous look out points in Nagarkot, one is from  the Lookout Tower that is reached by climbing up about 100 steps and the second location is from Hotel View Point. The Lookout Tower which is little more than a ladder up to a tiny platform can offer great views and at the same time disappoint many during the monsoon season with it’s 360 degree view of the Himalayan peaks blocked by numerous fluffy clouds.

While there are many visitors who choose to stay a night or two at Nagarkot to catch the sunrise or sunset views, those who prefer something more up-close and “in your face” take on the Everest Mountain Flight.

Tip: Avoid heading up to Nagarkot during monsoon season between July to early September if your main purpose for the visit is to see Mount Everest from a distance.

Yes, that is what they call the “Lookout Tower” with its ladder starting only some 5 feet of the ground and yes photographers do manage to climb it to capture amazing shots when the skies are clear.

My disappointing view – Mount Everest would have been visible if it wasn’t threatening to rain!

My amazing view of Mount Everest from my window seat!! Read my post on my Mountain Flight experience for more information!


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