The Booby Traps of Kathmandu

“Watch it!” yelled Joe. It was yet another loose electrical wire that had fallen and stood hanging some one feet from the ground. Engrossed in photographing the city life, I hadn’t noticed what was positioned right in front of me on the “pedestrian” walkway we were on.

If he hadn’t yelled, I would have tripped and fallen onto a pile of garbage that was stashed in a pothole on the side of the road. We were barely in the city for 2 hours and I nearly had a messy mishap. The rest of our city exploration was focused on avoiding such booby traps. In a way, we felt we were on an obstacle course. We took it in stride as we soaked up the ambience of the chaotic city that is Kathmandu.

Any visitor to this mystical land experiences awe and annoyance in equal measure. The anarchic traffic jams, overflowing garbage, stench of animal faeces, wobbly electrical poles, gaping potholes and unpaved roads are the ugly side which is bound to at times outshine the beautiful. But what is an adventure if it doesn’t include a few crazy moments?

Have you been to Kathmandu? What was your experience manoeuvring the streets like?

Dangling Wires of Kathmandu

More dangling wires in knots

The dangerous electrical poles

Wires on the main street

A typical scene in Thamel


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