The Passport Protector Unveils Its Product With Crowdfunding Campaign

by Joseph Ellis on June 4, 2014


World traveler has a trip ruined by worn passport, creates a solution

Last summer Patrick Dichter had a 2 week trip to Europe ruined when his passport was denied for ‘wear and tear.’ As he was boarding the plane to Rome, an airline employee stopped him claiming the company could face a fine if immigration didn’t approve of his passport. Four days and $2500 later, Patrick salvaged the trip with new documentation. After his travel nightmare, he created a solution for other travelers – a hardcore passport case.

The Passport Protector is the first of is kind with sleek design that is water proof and impact resistant. The body is a hard ABS plastic and the top is made of a silicone blend to safely hold a traveler’s most important document and other small items such as cash, tickets, and credit cards. After nine months of prototyping and design, the inventor has released a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to presell to early fans and raise funds for manufacturing. Backers can purchase before June 9th.

Patrick remains passionate about travel and has decided to add a charity element, donating a portion of sales from each unit sold to study abroad scholarships. “Our slogan is ‘ensuring worldwide travel’ meaning you’re ensured your passport won’t be denied, and ensuring more people get the opportunity to go abroad,” Patrick says. In the first two weeks of the campaign, The Passport Protector has met great success from customers as well as support from the press in travel, universities and gear review sites.

About The Passport Protector LLC: The Passport Protector is a consumer product company based in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 2013, The Passport Protector has designed and produced a patent pending case for passports and international travel born out of necessity. The company also donates a percentage of sales to study abroad scholarships and has elected to crowdfund initial sales through platform Indiegogo.


The Passport Protector can even fit other smaller items inside as well!

Learn more about it here:

Like to find out more? Pop by their official website and support Patrick for his pioneering effort for hassle free travel.

*This is a sponsored post and we look forward to using our Passport Protectors soon*

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