#MushroomMania2014 – Savouring Mushrooms at Punjabi Junction, Canberra

Every July, the Australian Mushroom Growers run a foodservice campaign called Mushroom Mania encouraging the community to eat out during this month and enjoy healthy meals. We had blogged about it in the beginning of the month discussing our tasty mushroom find and the benefits of mushrooms too.

Last night we explored the flavours of mushrooms cooked the Indian way. We stumbled upon Punjabi Junction last night. Many of you may have already tried their yummy dishes but for us, we had only just discovered them. You see… it was our first joy ride around Canberra after having acquired my driving license!

It was around 7pm when we walked in, tremendously hungry and on a mission to eat mushrooms. We told the wait-staff that we needed to try their mushroom dishes but they had only one mushroom dish listed on their menu. So we were pleasantly surprised when they said they would cook us up a fair! This is what we had…

Cheesy Mushroom


This was an entrée at $8.90. Mushrooms are filled with light spices and Indian Cottage Cheese and baked in a tandoor. The flavours were incredible and the small pieces of tomatoes and a roasted slice of onion underneath the mushroom made each bite balanced in acidity and sweetness.

Stuffed Naan with Mushroom and Tandoori Chicken


Priced at $4.50 for one large naan, this traditional Indian leavened bread can be eaten on its own. It needed no dipping sauces or curries to enhance its flavours and the stuffing inside did the job!

Creamy Methi Mushroom and Chicken Curry


This was our main dish at $ 15.90 which we had with rice ($2.90). The mushrooms and chicken is cooked in cream and spices, mainly fenugreek (methi). Fenugreek has many health benefits; for example it even helps reduce cholesterol. Hence pairing that with the benefits of mushrooms makes this dish a very healthy choice.

Now, the folks and Head Chef Kem at Punjabi Junction are a friendly bunch, eager to please as you can see with their impromptu cooking of fine Indian cuisine! So don’t worry if you head over wanting to sample these dishes but don’t find them on the menu. Just describe the dish to them and I am sure they will know what you are referring to.

The best part about Punjabi Junction is that they cook dishes to your level of spice requirement. We wanted it chilli hot, so we asked it to be spicier. With their flexibility, placing your orders will be a breeze. View their full menu here.

Do You Love Mushrooms?

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**This is a sponsored post and all opinions are our own. We liked to thank the Australian Mushroom Growers for the prepaid Visa card that enabled us to dine out and understand how delicious and healthy mushrooms can be.


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