Nine Delicious Things to Eat in Hokkaido


Hokkaido is a foodies dreamland. The food is rich and full of flavour. From their local confectioneries to spicy miso-broth ramen and from sashimi to grilled lamb, Hokkaido has something for everyone! When I knew I would be travelling to Hokkaido, all I was focused on was capturing its breath-taking scenery I read so much about. Never did I think Hokkaido would capture my heart  by its cuisine! It turned out to be my best holiday yet! So here are nine delicious things to eat in Hokkaido:

1. Snow Crab


Snow crab is one of 4 types of crabs available on the island. It is often boiled and served at room temperature. It’s meat it slightly sweet and full of flavour!

2. Soft Serve


Soft serve ice cream is a synonym for Hokkaido. I kid you not. Dairy farms thrive in Hokkaido and produce some of the best confectionery products you can find. Try their chocolate, fromage cheese and Yubari melon flavours!

3. Sashimi


The best place to savour sashimi would be in a fishing town. If you are in Abashiri, make sure to try sashimi and focus on their variety of fish roe from salmon, hearing and flying fish!

4. Butadon


Originating from Obihiro, this pork rice dish is simply delicious and is laced with a mildly sweet sauce. It can be ordered on its own or in set meal called “teishoku”.

5. Jingisukan


Translated, Jingisukan means Genghis Khan! It is tender lamb pieces you grill by yourself on a convex metal skillet. It comes either chilled, frozen or marinated with a side of raw vegetables. Try Jingisukan at the Sapporo Beer Garden.

6. Sake


The best place to taste sake (an alcoholic beverage derived from fermented rice) and understand its production is at the Tanaka Sake Brewery in Otaru, one of the stops on the Otaru Bay Story Tour.

7. Venezia Rendezvous


Don’t let the fancy name stop you from trying this amazing brulee from LeTAO made from mascarpone and cream cheese! One  will never be enough! Visit the famopus LeTAO confectionary when in Otaru!

8. Ramen


Spicy Miso Ramen originating from Hokkaido is blended with oily chicken, pork or fish broth that creates a nice thick tangy, nutty flavour! So good during winter.

9. Fish Cake


Misonanban is a spicy fish cake from a shop called Kamaei. If you cannot find it during your travels you can try it at the New Chitose Airport too!

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