No. 10 Restaurant + Bar – A great spot for $15 lunches

It was a hot sweltering afternoon and we decided to lunch. We ran from the office into the air-conditioning of the car and sped away to No. 10 Restaurant + Bar. It was recommended to us and I roped my colleagues into the idea of checking it out. “They do $15 lunches,” I said.

Finding parking wasn’t that difficult since No.10 is located just in front of a huge parking lot in Woden. We muttered under our breaths having to expose ourselves to 40 degrees heat but immediately sighed a sigh of relief when we took our seats inside the cool comforts of the restaurant.

I ordered the skirt steak with cafe de Paris butter, salad and fries (yes, they use the American term). I really enjoyed it. My steak was medium, juicy and the radish and watercress salad was a fantastic pair. It provided just the right crunch and freshness the dish required. This was part of their $15 lunch menu.

My colleagues on the other hand ordered the regular dishes and the one I remembered to take a photo of was their chicken and waffle dish ($23). Buttermilk and Bourbon fried chicken served with two waffles and maples aioli, topped off with fresh greens. It was a dish thoroughly enjoyed.

The other things that made the luncheon enjoyable was my hot chocolate with soy milk and the fact that they do split bills. It ticks everything on my list… good food, great price and split bills! Win! I noticed that they had pork jowl and creme brulee on the menu so that means I will be returning soon.

No 10 Restaurant and Bar is located at 10 Bowes Street, Woden 2606.

Rosemarie John

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