Song Canteen – Canberra Cheap Eats and $10 lunches

Eating out can be expensive, especially if you do it every day. I try my best to pack lunch to work but sometimes what you’ve got in that office fridge isn’t going to cut it. I start thinking about lunch around 11 am and try to convince myself: “just eat what you’ve brought”. Somehow, I find my will to listen to myself withering away.

I contemplate… and suddenly find myself smack dab on CityWalk. My feet haven taken me to the food court at Canberra Centre. How did I end up here? Oh well…I order a meal and spend a lot more than I bargained for—approximately $15-16 for a plate of rice, two serves of meat/vegetables and a drink. I tuck into lunch unimpressed and eventually make that regretful walk back to the office, wondering why yet again, have I paid that much for lunch?

I actually start thinking about the comparisons my mother used to make: “$16? We could have bought two whole chickens and ingredients to cook them!” I am my mother’s daughter after all.

But one day, my feet took me a little further and I stumbled upon Song Canteen at Petrie Plaza. It’s a small establishment with a long line of patrons and a few tables outside if you prefer an alfresco lunch.

A delightful aroma of Southeast Asian spices filled the tiny restaurant and I placed my order with a friendly attendant. I randomly chose two meat dishes and I was surprised at the generous serve. With a bottle of water (or a canned drink), lunch was $10.

Every bite was a mouthful of happiness. Both meat dishes tasted completely different. You could tell they weren’t using the same base for their dishes like many Southeast Asian or South Asian restaurants in Canberra do. Did I mention that it was only $10?

Yes, for $10 I could perhaps buy one whole chicken and cook a meal but I need some variation in life. *grins*

I strolled back to the office contented and wondered why didn’t my feet take me to Song Canteen a lot sooner? In conclusion, a lunch rendezvous every now and then wouldn’t hurt at that price—especially on days when I just don’t like the thought of what I have in my office fridge.

Have you every felt like not eating the lunch you brought to work before?

Open on weekdays until 4 pm, Song Canteen is located at 23 Petrie Plaza, Canberra ACT 2601.

Rosemarie John

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