All you can eat Korean BBQ

Hannara Korean BBQ is about to launch Canberra’s only all you can eat Korean BBQ on 23 July 2018 for $39 — a perfect way to warm up this winter!

We were lucky to sample this delicious spectacle several days ago, where cooking and eating took centre stage. While the thought of sizzling meat kept us warm as we made our way to the restaurant, the act of choosing our own cuts of meat and grilling it to a level of doneness we desired was flaming good!

There were an assortment of un-marinated cuts of meat, some thick and large, some thin and marbled. You guessed right! We went for the thin and marbled and it did not disappoint.

Once our gas grill was nice and hot, we placed the meat on it and it cooked almost instantly. We watched eagerly as the colours changed from pink to grey to light brown. As we like our meat firm with a warm red centre , it was nice to have control of how long we cooked our selected cuts.

While there are sauces you can pair your meat with we liked ours plain, that way, we got to savour the juiciness, caramelisation and ephemeral essence of the different cuts of meat produced.

The highlight of this ‘all you can eat Korean BBQ’, is the un-marinated meat in our opinion (and that’s what we concentrated on) but we are happy to report that there are 10 hot and 15 cold bar side-dishes (banchan) to indulge in as well.

There are no restrictions to how many times you can help yourself to the cold cuts of un-marinated meat and side dishes but there is a time limit. Your all you can eat Korean BBQ is to be enjoyed within 90 minutes—a very generous time frame considering how quickly the meat cooks.

Here are some tips to get your all you can eat Korean BBQ on:

  • Make sure you start with non-marinated meats then move onto the side dishes
  • To avoid losing juices during grilling, always flip your meat using tongs rather than a fork
  • Try to limit the number of flips
  • Do not press down on the cuts of meat—you don’t want to squeeze out the juices
  • Don’t feel shy to request grill changes as needed when the the surface gets too charred
  • The kimchi soup pairs deliciously well with plain white rice
  • Bring a large group of friends so you can share in the merriment!

Hannara Korean BBQ is located at 16 Moore Street, Canberra.

Travel and Beyond were guests of Hannara Korean BBQ. All opinions are our own.

Rosemarie John and Joseph Ellis