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The Best Seafood in Bali

by Rosemarie John May 16, 2012

It’s pretty obvious that any seasoned traveller to Bali would tell you that Jimbaran is the place to go to for a good seafood fix. But which restaurant should you pick? The entire strip of sand is lined with a dozen seafood joints offering similar dishes with slightly different pricing. From experience however, the best place to dine at is […]

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Where to Eat in Bali – A Gourmet Cafe Experience

by Rosemarie John January 11, 2012

When local flavours seem over whelming and its time for a change in cuisines, head over to the Bali Catering Company Gourmet Cafe for a taste of something more familiar. Located just outside mainstream Kuta and in the ever growing district of Seminyak, this medium sized cafe is tucked away in the middle of local housing and holiday villas just […]

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Tasting an Ubudian Delicacy

by Rosemarie John August 19, 2011

The most talked about dish on the Island of the Gods revolves around that of a suckling pig. Referred to as ‘Babi Guling‘ by locals, a whole pig is marinated in ground chilli, turmeric and oil and stuffed with more chilli, onions, ginger, galangal, candle nuts, coriander, lemon grass, pepper, dried shrimp paste, coconut, bay leaves and traditional spices.  Skewered […]

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