Postcard: Ethnic Dancer from Punjab, India

The Gidda is a very vigorous folk dance. The quick dance movements performed at the twink of an eye leaves the spell bound spectator asking for more. The colorfully embroidered dupattas (shawl) and heavy jewelery add to the grandeur of the spectacle that unfolds in front of your eyes. The dance steps translate into gestures and verses (bolis) of poetry that satirize politics, husbands misdemeanors, rivalry of sisters, a mother’s nagging ways, evils of the society or simply the art of expressing love. The drums and the rhythm of this dance is set by distinctive hand claps of the dancers.

Rosemarie John

Travel and Beyond by Rosemarie John and Joseph Ellis portrays a kaleidoscope of all things travel related mixed with just the right dosage of history and culture.

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