A Night Out at the WRX Launch Soirée

By Rosemarie John – Amidst the gaiety and eager anticipation of discerning diners and set on the backdrop of Sentosa’s waterfront, The World Gourmet Series Wine and Restaurant Experience commenced with the Launch Soirée on November 17th 2011.

The ten-day event attempts to allow guests to savour and appreciate culinary interpretations of Singapore’s immensely talented chefs while sampling famous wines brought from various parts of the world. This voyage of gastronomic discovery began at the newly opened Maritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium on Singapore’s wonderland island called Sentosa.

With a mild breeze, slightly overcast conditions, replicas of ships in the museum and bazaars of the ancient world, the setting seemed almost perfect. Yonder Chefs and their assistants toiled away at their creations and the air was soon laden with splendid aromas set to entice the palette and the purse.

In a nation where one of the greatest pastimes’ is to sample food from all across the globe, Singaporeans celebrate the art of dining. They are both knowledgeable and discerning when it comes to food and it is little wonder why chefs from all over the world make their way into this tiny island republic. This event though is also to showcase the virtuosity of the participating celebrity chefs.

The inaugural event showcased eight whiz chefs who cooked up an introduction fare to signify a series of culinary delights.

Savouring a chunk of burnt garlic chicken tikka made with Asian pesto followed by foie gras butter maska in pygmy paranthas was like waking up from deep slumber with a jingle of bells and stars in your eyes. The flavour of Punjab Grill grips you and shakes you up.

Sliced beef and tripe with chili sauce a taste from Si Chuan Dou Hua blows your senses to cosmos with each fiery tangy bite. As you recover from the twin explosions, you try the juicy French number of roasted maîtres duck breast – a divinely crafted medium rare creation from Brasserie WOLF which was accompanied with poached prunes, gnocchi parisienne and red wine sauce.

Croquetas de jamon, a Spanish creation by Bilbao Restaurant & Gastrobar grows on you with every bite. The sapidness of thinly sliced ham seemed to just melt away in your mouth. Flavours came alive, tickling taste buds you never thought existed.

The list of offering went on over eight stations as each master chef dazzled senses away. The cuisines are paired with a selection of international wines, sparkling waters and foaming cups of cappuccinos. The gentle breeze across the isles was still blowing mildly. The neatly paved walkways of Sentosa glistened with lights while the sounds of distant laughter gave of the impression that all is well in the world.

Thoroughly satiated, the soirée is one of those times that one suddenly feels how inadequate language seems when it comes to describing sensations or feelings of all kinds. The WRX Launch Soiree was one of intense pleasure and a simply ‘wow” expression sounds so inadequate. No amount of adjectives can truly replace the burst of flavours, one can merely attempt to describe a few creations and hope that the readers will be able to participate and go on a discovery of their own.

If you’re in Singapore this November, it’s a lovely opportunity to experience this epicurean festival showcasing the intricate craftsmanship of prestigious chefs and an exposition of internationally acclaimed vintners. Click on reservations and ticket availability online for a chance to be part of the Wine and Restaurant Experience 2011.

*Disclaimer: We thank A La Carte Productions and Food2Print Asia for inviting Travel and Beyond  to be part of this lovely event and to Peter Knipp Holdings for hosting us. However, as always all opinions expressed are exclusively that of the author.
Rosemarie John

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