A Balinese Perspective

by Rosemarie John on December 17, 2011

As 2011 comes to an end, I reflect on the many places that I have travelled to. The one place that constantly comes to mind is the island of Bali. It’s one of those places that has permanently left an imprint in my heart.

Though it is an island that has been tainted by extreme commercialization and a never-ending influx of tourists from all corners of the globe, the island manages to retain its mystical charm luring in anyone who visits her. You just have to seek out those magical places, locations you won’t commonly find people talking about.

Put off by the over crowded streets along Kuta, menacing touts and a large number of intoxicated tourists among the island’s popular retreat provinces, I soon realised that, that wasn’t exactly what Bali was all about.

The island is home to rich culture and traditions that has survived over centuries. Its people toil their farms and worship in their temples invoking blessings and dreading the wrath of Gods above. It’s a place where religious mysticism, simple villagers and beautiful sceneries come alive when the island is explored past its all too familiar island retreat itinerary.

I soon discovered places that intrigued me and left me breathless with its sheer beauty.

*As seen on CNN iReport  These are some of the photos that keep taunting me to return – places and moments that were both serene and captivating!

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