An Italian Experience with Raffles Courtyard Singapore

Raffles Courtyard

Now, if you’ve been to the Raffles Long Bar, you will know all too well about the hotel’s unique flair. The Raffles Courtyard at the Raffles Hotel is no exception. Built in the tropical setting of an open courtyard, the Raffles Courtyard is a timeless structure with white arches flanked by tropical palms and native plants that keep the feeling of ‘Old Singapore’ very much alive.

Previously offering patrons a seafood themed menu, the latest cuisine overhaul has brought new flavours and culture of Southern Europe to the heart of the hotel. As the very nucleus of the estate, its colonial cocktail bar, traditional alfresco kitchen, table umbrellas and lively music make the courtyard a pleasant place for patrons to watch the passing parade over freshly made garden salads and beef Carpaccio, hot off the stove pizzas and a regional selection of pasta.

The Cuisine

Pizza Parma E Rucola

Pizza Parma E Rucola

Characterized by its extreme simplicity with many dishes having only four to eight ingredients, Italian cuisine is also known for its regional diversity with the flavours of Veneto, Lombardy, Tuscany and Sicily to name a few.  If Italian’s on your mind, choose to have a simple lunch, a quick snack in the middle of the day or enjoy a leisurely dinner in the lush alfresco setting of Raffles Hotel.

The authentic refreshed menu is a creation of Deputy Executive Chef Nicola Canuti with the dining concept inspired by his hometown in Italy, where it is common for friends and family to gather together for a relaxed outdoor dining, enjoy traditional Italian aperitifs and choose from a tasty selection of classic appetizers, pizzas or pasta. This is usually rounded off with a classic gelato.

The fresh insalate, from the spring salad to the mozzarella cheese and beef carpaccio, brings to mind the cool beaches along the Italian coasts in Spring. Traditional wood fired oven pizze are a reflection of the gleeful Carnivals in Summer, best enjoyed with wine and friends. The pasta dishes, passionate and flavourful with the extensive use of garlic and chilli, represent the sensual side of Italy.

To pair the Italian provincial dishes, Wine Director Stéphane Soret has drawn up a premier Italian Wine List. Wines are served in miniature Terra Cotta Anforas, and these handmade clay-based vessels trace back to the days of twelfth century Venice, when wines were stored in such earthenware to maintain the cool temperature. Acclaimed as the elite mineral water worldwide, Surgiva Mineral Water will also be available. Bottled off the high altitude spring from Adamello Brenta Nature Reserve in the heart of Trentino, Italy, Surgiva is one of the purest and lightest water in the world.

The courtyard also offers two traditional prosecco based Signature Aperitivo that promises to transport you straight to Italy. Bellini is a delightful long drink cocktail made from fresh white peaches, and Aperol is delicious and light, served in a red wine glass with a slice of orange.

Chocolate and Pear Gelato
Chocolate and Pear Gelato

Located at 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673, Raffles Courtyard will be open daily from 12pm to 10pm. For reservations, please call Dining Reservations at 6412 1816 or email dining

Dress Code: Casual. A more relaxed attire is accepted. Sport shirts, slacks and bermudas teamed with appropriate shoes for the gentlemen are welcomed. Ladies can be dressed in their casual best, in casual dresses, skirts and trousers with appropriate footwear. Pool attire is not permitted.

**Disclaimer: We thank Raffles Hotel for inviting Travel and Beyond  to spend an evening at the Raffles Courtyard Launch and to Beatrix Eder and Leon Nonis for hosting us. However, as always all opinions expressed are exclusively that of the author. Photographs courtesy of Raffles Hotel.


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