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by Rosemarie John on October 20, 2013

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It has always been gratifying to us when readers appreciate the photos they find on our site. Photography has been a hobby and there are many times as a writer one truly discovers that a picture can easily replace many lines of prose and tickles the imagination of the reader. When we want to travel light, we travel with our Sony and today we review the Sony Nex-5T.

We find that the Nex-5T is an excellent travel companion to have especially for us as globetrotters.  Let me explain.  A travel blogger needs a light camera that can take great captivating pictures of DSLR quality, even of fast moving objects and take short videos too. But then most of you reading this may have the same requirements as you share memories of your life on social media to your family and friends. Don’t you?

Now imagine a camera that is light, takes fabulous pictures with an APS-C Sensor, lets you play with the pictures you take, retouch the pictures on the camera itself, takes pictures of fast moving race cars on an F1 circuit and then connects to your smart phone so that you can upload the photos straight to your choice of social media platform! Well that’s the Sony Nex-5T for you in a nutshell.

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Most of us are not techies’, we understand simple language so lets keep this simple. Here is what we used the camera for:

      • It connects to your smart phone or Tablet using NFC (Near Field Communication). Basically this allows us to simply transfer the photos we have taken straight to our smart phone or tablet via its built in Wi-Fi. You can do this using your iPhone, Samsung, Sony Xperia etc. If your smart phone isn’t a Sony, then make sure to download the PlayMemories Camera App first. This video should illustrate this point better:

      • Once your camera is connected to your phone, you could take pictures using your phone because you can control the camera’s shutter release through your phone. Some would say why would I need that!  Well, imagine a scenario when you are in a concert and want to take a great picture of the celebrity on the stage. But unless you are some 10 feet tall the best picture you would get is someone’s head in the frame. Now if you connect the camera to a monopod and control the shutter from your phone… Voila!
      • It’s very light and can easily be carried around.  It’s about 300 grams with the battery and memory stick included and approx. 111 x 59 x 39mm in size. In the past we used to lug around heavy DSLR cameras, which are very inconvenient on long hectic travel schedules. Not to mention the shoulder ache we used to get after several hours on foot.
      • Speed Priority Continuous Shooting: This is a feature, which allows flawless capturing of fast action. The camera automatically captures fast moving objects and maintains focus, which gives us the ability to take pictures of fast moving objects with ease.

Other attributes: Shooting pictures with picture effects, shooting in dim lighting, ability to use a variety of lenses, shooting spectacular HD movies, etc. Click here for more specifications: Sony Nex-5T

Here are some examples of the photos we took with the Nex-5T over the weekend…


This shot was taken at Legoland’s Miniland using the Sony Nex-5T by selecting the settings I so desired


This shot was captured using my iPhone as a one-touch remote. The Observation Deck was rotating and I didn’t quite feel like standing at the edge. So I placed the camera on a tripod, connected my iPhone to the camera using the NFC and captured this from my seat.


Capturing this dancer was simple and easy with the faster focusing speed. Boy! He was super quick performing the Russian Kalinka dance.


Its a great camera for horizon shots too! I just loved how this photo turned out!

Well, there you have it. If some of the above attributes sound appealing then go ahead and try it. You wont be disappointed. Its priced right and worth every penny.

Here’s their official video release:

Disclaimer: We thank Sony Singapore for the opportunity to review the Sony Nex-5T. All opinions are our own.

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