Our Top 5 Posts for 2013

2013 for us has been a real busy year balancing both work and travel. Though our business kept us tied down for quite a bit this year (which is fantastic), we did manage to squeeze in some awesome getaways to Sabah, Penang, Johor, Bangkok, Sydney, Canberra and North India. Our best moment this year is when we got our migration grants approved for Australia.

2014 is going to be focused on our big move out of South East Asia and towards life in Canberra. We have lived in several countries over the past few years but Australia will be our permanent home. It will be our last big move and we are looking forward to having a fixed home base. We will be sharing our new journey down under with a whole new backyard to explore and we hope you will continue to join us.

Here’s a recap of our most popular posts for this year… in case you’ve missed it. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

1. The Subterranean World of Cappadocia

Discovering the world of the early Christians in Turkey was one of the highlights of our trip.


2. 1960s – A Secret to My Wanderlust Life

One of the first posts where I speak about myself and my family. I decided to be more personalised in my writing this year.

My first flight

3. Gaya Island Resort – A Snorkellers and Divers Paradise

After visiting and experiencing the beauty of Gaya Island, it was hard to understand why as a Malaysian, I never bothered to explore what Sabah had to offer years ago. Well… better late than never.


4. Shopping at Art Markets in Bali

This article of mine had originally been published in the Jakarta Post. I reposted it on my blog after 2 years since a few friends of mine had asked me about my shopping escapades on the island.


5. It’s Official… We’re Moving to Australia!

As soon as we got our migration approved, we had to make an official entry into Australia called a validation entry. We took the opportunity to visit Canberra, Australia’s capital which we will be calling home in a few months time.


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