Celebrating 100 Years of Commercial Flight

by Rosemarie John on October 3, 2014

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The history of commercial aviation may be 100 years old but 37 years out of that one hundred is how long my father devoted his life to his flying profession. He flew for Singapore Airlines for several years and was even part of the historic three-man cockpit crew that flew in SIA’s first ever Boeing 747 before moving over to Malaysia Airlines.

With so much history of flight in my family, growing up around aircraft and listening to travel stories made it pretty evident that all I would want to do would be to globe-trot whenever I can. I took my first flight when I was 11 months old! I had my own passport before turning a year old. Back then, it was a big deal… air travel wasn’t an affordable affair. A privilege I had with my dad in the airlines.

“Man must rise above the Earth — to the top of the atmosphere and beyond — for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives” – Socrates

Commercial flight today is an affordable experience. We can buy a ticket at a drop of a hat and reach far away places once not accessible. The world would be such a boring place if not for the emergence of commercial flight, don’t you think? If you are interested in history, follow #Flying100 on social media or read all about it here.

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