“My 7 Links” Project

Here’s a dandy project spun out of the ingenious mind of Katie from Tripbase Travel Blog, an effort to unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavour to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.

The rules are simple and participation in My 7 Links project all starts with being nominated. With a gracious nomination from my fellow traveller Cherszy, here’s a look at Travel and Beyond’s 7 Links:

1. My Most Beautiful Post:

Dusk Over an Ancient Realm

Featuring a place where time stands still. A place where imagination and wonderment come alive, this post was a crowd puller.

2. My Most Popular Post:

Singapore Lights-Up for Christmas

Most people are always curious about what Christmas is like in Asia and Singapore does it big and does it well.

3. My Most Controversial Post:

The Balinese Mother Temple of Besakih

The post didn’t cause a stir of any sort but the manner the temple is portrayed through greedy guides is somewhat of a controversy.

4. My Most Helpful Post:

How to Travel from New Jersey to New York by Ferry

This post is all about the ability to easily explore The Big Apple while staying across the river.

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me:

Angry Birds Storm into Singapore on Finnair

Who knew crazy looking birds with a sole mission to destroy pigs in their flimsy lair could attract the airline and tourism industry!

6. A Post that didn’t get the Attention it Deserved:

Golconda – Echoes from an Ancient Kingdom

Though poorly managed and somewhat ignored, this ancient fort in Hyderabad, India with its story of the Kings of old is simply magnificent.

7. The Post I am Most Proud of:

iCame – iSaw – iFly

Despite my many reservations on ignoring the law of gravity and leaping into the world’s largest wind tunnel – I can’t help but be tremendously glad that I took the plunge!

With all that said and done, here’s five travel peeps I would like to nominate for the project:

Shane of The Working Traveller

Raf Kiss of Brazil Road Trips

Cole and Adela of Four Jandals

Neal of Travelling Content

Anabela of Jet-lagged Journeys

So here it is folks, hope you enjoyed revisiting these travel posts as much as I did!

Rosemarie John

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