It’s a Village Life on the Tiny Island of Ubin

Just some ten kilometres north east of Singapore, lies the country’s last rural corner. Called Pulau Ubin that translates to “Granite Island”, this boomerang shaped land mass portrays a nostalgic 1960s feel when modern and public utilities were non-existent. There are about a hundred villages who still make the island their home. Depending on wells for water and noisy diesel generators for electricity, life here is as simple as it can be.

Travelling there by bumboat, this photo represents the first thing you would see when you approach the island’s jetty. Apart from the simple folk who go about their daily lives, there are many activities that a nature lover can take on – cycling, camping, trekking, nature walks, fishing, bird watching and even having some scrumptious seafood at the island’s provincial restaurants.

With such rapid and extensive developments in Singapore, it is unclear how long a rustic place like this will be left alone. For more information about what you can do there, read: Trekking the Sensory Trail at Pulau Ubin

Rosemarie John

Travel and Beyond by Rosemarie John and Joseph Ellis portrays a kaleidoscope of all things travel related mixed with just the right dosage of history and culture.

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