A New York Harbour Sunset

by Rosemarie John on February 17, 2012

A great way to spend an evening in New York is to watch the sun set while you cruise around the harbour. With the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island for backdrop, cruising one of the largest natural harbours in the world is a great way to soak in the views. The harbour is made out of the waterways of the estuary near the mouth of the Hudson River that empty into New York Bay.

As Lady Liberty recalls the period of massive immigration to the United States at the turn of the 19th to 20th century and as the main port of entry at Ellis Island processed millions of arrivals until 1954, it is amazing to see what they represent today. For more information on what The Statue of Liberty represents, check out: The Statue of Liberty – Her Story

The sun setting across glistening waters make way for that special moment with a loved one!

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