Faces of Asia

by Rosemarie John on August 24, 2012

Diversity is what makes Asia so unique. From its culture to customs, from its flavours to festivities, from its mountains to its plains, Asia makes up the world’s largest continent.

But what makes Asia so special is its people… and here are some of their many faces.

A Balinese dancer performing a sketch from the Ramayana

A Chinese performer dressed in traditional attire

The Siddhi clan from Gujarat in their traditional make-up

A Punjabi woman performing a song

Young Javanese children on the island of Bali

Bihu dancers of Assamese origin

The Eurasian women of Singapore

Balinese men performing the the Fire Dance

A famous dancer from Java – Didik Nini Thowok performing in Jakarta

Chinese and Indian men just about to take on the Fire Walking Festival, Singapore

Malay children in traditional costume during a parade

The Sufi community of East African origin came to India eight centuries ago

A Punjabi woman in traditional attire and jewellery

A Mangalorean dressed up in a Yakshagana dance drama costume

Exploring every corner of Asia would take a lifetime, but this collection is just a taste of the vast cultures that exist around the continent that I proudly call home.

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