Experiencing Australia through Aboriginal Culture

by Rosemarie John on January 28, 2013


After a visit to the Three Sisters at Katoomba make sure to stop by the Aboriginal Centre located at Echo Point for a doze of indigenous dance and culture. It’s a lovely way to immerse yourself in the authentic cultural experience of Australia.

Utilising a vast range of didgeridoo masters and dancers who have travelled the world extensively promoting the Australian Aboriginal culture, the performers come from many different Aboriginal Nations enabling them to showcase different dance, music and vocal styles. Witnessing how story is expressed through Aboriginal music, gestures, steps and facial expressions makes a stop here worthwhile.

Performances take place every hour throughout the day until 4pm, ranging from five minutes to fifteen minutes in length. Visitors are able to witness Aboriginal dance and didgeridoo performances, with brief explanations of the stories that accompany each dance. Unfortunately, photography is not permitted.

Open from 9m to 5pm the Aboriginal Centre is located at World Heritage Plaza, 33-37 Echo Point Road, Katoomba NSW. Tickets cost: AUD 5 to AUD 10.

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