A Relaxing Evening at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

by Joseph Ellis on April 18, 2013


If a luxurious stay at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur wasn’t already a weekend of true relaxation, an evening at the Majestic Spa and Truefitt and Hill topped it off just like a dollop of freshly whipped cream on scoops of gelato!

The Majestic Spa

The first impression you form when you walk into The Majestic Spa is the fact that it transports you in the golden era of the colonial Malaysia. I felt that I have turned a page in the rich British Malaya history to re-experience the days of yesteryears.  The decor is inspired by the art nouveau style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s famous tearooms.  The styling of simple form and natural materials with use of texture, light and shadow makes the ambience at The Majestic Spa truly calming and elegant.

You have a whole menu of experiences you could choose from which are either full course treatments averaging 2.5 hours of pure bliss or the A La carte version of 90 minute treatments.  I chose the 2.5 hour North Coast Seaweed Sculpt – an experience that not only changed my perception of what a massage should feel like but it has also set a high benchmark of expectation for all future spa experience anywhere.

North Coast Seaweed Sculpt is a highly effective treatment to naturally firm and lift skin. It reduces cellulite and aids in water retention using the powerful properties of seaweed. The above definition does not necessarily do justice to the experience. I know one has to relive an experience by experiencing it themselves and it’s futile to describe it, but anyways I shall attempt to reminisce.


It starts off with a foot scrub where you immerse you feet in a bowl of warm water filled lavender leaves, lavender seeds and mint and your feet are bathed and scrubbed gently. It’s called the Gifts of the Garden foot scrub.  While you are soaking your feet, your temples and scalp are massaged with Rosemary Oil.

The actual body massage starts with a gentle dry brushing of the skin to stimulate the lymph and blood circulation. I must mention here that everything is done gently unlike my past experiences in other spas where you are stepped upon and danced upon all in the name of a great massage. But none of that happens here. Your body is very gently massaged.

After the dry brushing – an unforgettable process where I started feeling drowsy and dozed of a couple of times you are ready for the next course. A rich seaweed mask mixed with fragrant lavender oil is applied to the entire body and the wrapped up in a thin plastic sheet. The masseuse goes back to gently massaging the temples and head and I fell into deep slumber.


I was presently woken up after sometime when it was time for the masseuse to clean off the body mask with hot towels. After this thoroughly detoxifying experience, the body is massaged ever so gently with fragrant lavender oil. I believe this is to aid lymphatic drainage to release newly released toxins and I fell into deep sleep in the process again. The aroma of lavender and other herbal scents fill the room and I slept like a baby during the whole process. Never before has every muscle in my back, shoulders, neck and legs relaxed so much.

When you are woken up again at the end of the massage you feel like Rip Van Winkle awakened into a new age. The body feels supple, the stiffness in muscles has abated, and the mind is a bit drowsy after having been awakened from deep slumber.

They also have the Mayala Golden Chersonese, Queen Victoria's Lavender and English Afternoon Tea as other options.

They also have the Mayala Golden Chersonese, Queen Victoria’s Lavender and English Afternoon Tea as other options

The North Coast Seaweed Sculpt costs MYR 750 plus taxes  (about USD 246) for a 2.5hour treatment.

Truefitt & Hill  – Grooming Gentlemen Since 1805


The search for a perfect haircut and a well trimmed beard for the modern gentleman are finally over. Located at the Majestic Hotel aristocratic premises, Truefitt & Hill caters exclusively for the 21st century well groomed male.

As per the Guinness Book of Records, Truefitt and Hill is the Oldest Barbershop in the World. Opening its doors in 1805 in Mayfield, its fine craftsmenship and styling catered to the high standards of London’s gentry.

The essential mark of a gentleman is vanity and good grooming and it is to these exacting standards that Truefitt & Hill cater to till this day. Some of its distinguished clientele include the British Monarchy through 9 different reigns, Charles Dickens, William M Thackeray, Lord Byron, Oscar Wilde, Alfred Hitchcock, Lord Laurence Olivier, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant.

Till this day Truefitt barbers are the appointed Royal Barbers by appointment to the Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. With such a rich history it’s no wonder that they set up their shop at the historic Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Many a great writer has mentioned the ‘cut’ at Truefitt and Hill Barber shop in the pages of literature.  Notable among them are Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde

“All good Americans come to London first, and I’m sure al good Americans who come to London will go to Messrs. H.P Truefitt ( Limited) new saloon, there to luxuriate in tosorial attentions by real American operators, under real American – and they are world renowned-conditions” – extract from All Year Round by Charles Dickens, 1894

A Traditional Hot Towel Wet Shave starts with a pre-shave oil applied on the face with a luxurious hot towel wrap. The whole shaving process is a 30-40 minute affair. After the towel wrap a rich shaving cream is applied and the barber shaves the stubbles ever so dexterously.

The face is lathered and shaved again for a close and comfortable shave. This whole ritual takes 30 minutes. Those preferring a face massage after that are given a 25-minute treatment leaving the skin looking bright and supple.


A royal haircut is a 45 minute process where the hair is cut and styled to perfection by the stylist. The stylist offers tips and advice on what looks good and what to avoid etc.

Besides the Royal Cut and the Traditional Hot Towel Wet shave, there are other grooming treatments like Facial Hair Grooming, Beard Trim, Head Shave, Kids cut and Head massage.

Truefitt is also known as a purveyor of the finest quality of traditional English Fragrances, shaving requisites and grooming products.

So in the heart of KL , tucked away in the historic setting of The Majestic Hotel, Truefitt and Hill are set to groom gentlemen to perfection.  Go ahead and get yourself a Gentleman’s haircut from the oldest barbers in the world. They have been at it for 208 years…


Open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 8pm, Truefitt and Hill is located at Lower Ground, The Smoke House, The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Disclaimer: We thank Ogilvy Public Relations and YTL Hotels for inviting Travel and Beyond to an exclusive stay at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. However, as always all opinions expressed are exclusively that of the author.

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