Hello Kitty Town – Rekindling Memories of Childhood

by Joseph Ellis on October 18, 2013


Some forty years ago, Yuko Shimizu created a cute character called Kitty White for Shintaro Tsuji the founder of Sanrio. This cute kitten is known the world over as Hello Kitty and has inspired a themed restaurant and maternity hospital in Taiwan, a couple of theme parks in Japan and now a Hello Kitty Town in Nusajaya Johor, Malaysia.

Fresh off an exciting experience earlier in the afternoon, we felt like we should feed our childhood nostalgia with a trip to Hello Kitty town. It’s difficult to explain why this sudden surge to experience all things kid like. Perhaps an adult is just an obsolete child. Well whatever it was that made us go to Hello Kitty Town, it was a worthwhile experience because we came back with a smile on our lips.

Undoubtedly the place was teeming with kids with parents or guardians in tow. It was the sweetest feeling to see some grandparents with grandchildren, some on teacup rides, and others in Apple and Strawberry party rooms.  Some visitors were busy creating their own Sanrio branded jewelry, while others were eagerly checking out the Living Room and the Secret Closet of Hello Kitty’s house.

Moving on we entered ‘The Little Big Club’ which houses for the first time in the world the lovable Bob the Builder, Barney, Angelina Ballerina, Pingu and Thomas & Friends. Well this place is purely for kids, all the rides here and the Barney show is just for children. We stood there watching kids lay bricks at Bobsville, riding the Can-Do scrambler, or simply clapping with glee watching Hello Kitty dance the Russian Kalinka folk dance. And oh! I almost forgot to mention Bertie the Bus and Colin Crane Drop.

The merchandise is extensive and interestingly priced. The kids will go crazy with delight and adults may go crazy bargaining with the kids on what can be bought. Rosemarie meanwhile was hopping with delight looking at ‘My Melody’ merchandise, reminiscing her childhood experience with this timeless character. The pure joy on her face and on the faces of all those excited kids stands testament to genius of Sanrio and their creations.

So much happiness for something so small – Priceless!

Accommodation Tip: Stay at the Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour for a memorable visit to Johor. The hotel is located right next to Hello Kitty Town.


The entrance to Hello Kitty’s House. The House is intended to not only tickle your fancy by also to teach children the need to keep things tidy.


Visitors posing with Bob the Builder.


Off on a ride with Bertie the Bus…


A fraction of the huge displays of Hello Kitty merchandise.

For more information on ticket prices, timings and park map, visit Hello Kitty Town’s official page

Disclaimer: We thank Themed Attractions Malaysia for inviting Travel and Beyond to a visit of the park. All opinions are our own.

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