Changi Airport Singapore – A Shoppers Delight


Shopping at the Changi Airport for us has always been a magnificent experience. Even though most times we check in 3-4 hours in advance, we always find that time just flies and we find ourselves rushing to the gate to board the flight.

This happened even during the last visit and we have now promised ourselves to check in perhaps 5 hours in advance to satiate our shopping urges at this amazing airport.

Yah! We are effervescent in our praise for this airport and with good reason.  As travel writers constantly on the move we travel through several airports in different countries and many times we are fed up with the lack of services at airports worldwide.

These days with security issues every passenger is required to check in at least two to three hours in advance at an airport.  Passengers spend tedious and painful hours inside an airport waiting to board with inadequate seating, dirty toilets, rude staff, terrible immigration counters and lousy restaurants charging exorbitant prices. The list can go on. And just imagine if you have to transit long hours. Most airports don’t give a damn about providing comfort to the passengers – not so at the Changi Airport.

It’s the World’s Best Airport of 2014, an award that Changi has won several years in a row; simply because of the fantastic facilities it provides – especially its shopping and dining options.

Hence, despite Singapore being a shopping haven with amazing malls, in our opinion the airport beats all the glitzy malls of Singapore any day.  It’s spacious, swanky, comfortable and delightful. There are over 300 stores spread across three terminals. This gives us enough reason to spend more shopping time at the Changi Airport instead.

But what about the prices at the airport you may ask. Well consider this.  On our recent visit to Singapore we wanted to purchase a Marc Jacobs perfume in one of the more reasonably priced shopping malls in the city. A 50ml bottle was being sold at SGD 125, but at the airport it was being sold at SGD 98!  That’s a cool saving of more than 21% from city prices. Needless to say I purchased it at the airport.

The huge selection of Electronic stores with the latest electronic gadgets sends my husband into a tizzy. He purchased some new camera accessories which he found to be cheaper at the airport and I literally had to pull him out of the Apple store before he could splurge on another gadget.

A wide array of shops from cosmetics and perfumes to chocolates and book stores, from clothes and bags to gadgets and health items … Oh dear where do you start. Window shopping is a great pleasure here. Did I mention the restaurants? The food choices are simply astonishing for an airport. And for those of you who need to get a nicotine fix, this airport has some amazing smoking rooms that are airy and well ventilated. The free Wi-Fi at the airport gives me the option of meeting all my social media needs as well.

Would I love to be in transit in this airport? You bet I would! The airport has several cosy sleeping areas and for a small fee you can avail some great bathing facilities. The toilets are spic and clean and are abundantly available. You can even rate the cleanliness and service of each toilet! There is more. There are internet, gaming facilities and a movie hall available for free!

Well, I could go on about how awesome the Changi Airport is. We just love this airport. But I guess we leave you to enjoy it when you visit it next.

If you are a Singaporean, perhaps you should check-in earlier the next time you fly, just to stop and enjoy the lovely facilities available in your own backyard.  Travel out of Singapore often? Please do leave a comment below. We would love to hear about your experience. Cheers!


The spacious terminals


One of the many gadget stores!


The large cosmetic range


My purchase on my recent trip out of Singapore! A whopping 21% savings!

*** We thank Changi Airport for the wonderful experience as Changi Ambassadors ***

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