Shopping at the Handmade Market by Handmade Canberra

by Rosemarie John on June 8, 2014

In the day and age where mostly everything is mass produced by machines, it is a lovely change to find handmade products taking the spotlight. Our Saturday at the Handmade Market by Handmade Canberra was such a lovely way to immerse ourselves in the handiwork of talented artists, designers and food producers.

Goods that are made by hand are generally unique and may be of much higher quality as opposed to bulk manufactured products specifically due to the time and attention to detail that is put into the product. Walking through the markets, we got a chance to meet the personalities behind each stall and that brought a nice personalised touch to the items we purchased.

There is a special feeling that emerges when buying food, jewellery, accessories or artwork from a handmade market. You know a lot of love has gone into it, when you take notice of the amount of dedication put into handmade products. I found the market a great place to shop at and for the designers, it evokes a sense of total creativity, the capacity to turn common ingredients or materials into something of purpose, and often of great beauty.

I know where I’ll be shopping for gifts the next time I need to get one! Here are some of the unique stalls at the market that caught my attention…

Needle vs Thread


Needle vs Thread is all about beautiful and practical bags, purses, homewares and accessories made by Kirrily Walker a graphic designer turned bag maker and seamstress who found her calling seven years ago and has been working hard honing her skills ever since. Website | Facebook

A Moment on the Lips


A Moment on the Lips is all about cakes, cupcakes and more. Born from her love and enjoyment for cake baking & decorating, Emily Quigley  has something sweet in store for everybody! Website | Facebook

Bodybar Australia


Bodybar Australia has been fine tuning their goats milk body, scrub and shampoo bars since they began in 2007, taking the greatest care in sourcing the finest fresh and natural ingredients too. Their bars are made locally from local goats milk and their bags are made by them out of the newspapers they buy and read as well. Website | Facebook

Tango & James


Tango & James is a collection of unique, one-off creations which transcend fashion and interiors trends that also include collections of re-loved furniture, cushions and lighting by Fashion and Interiors Designer, Lisa Barrett. Website | Facebook

Signatur Handknits


Signatur Handknits by Jane Slicer-Smith features the love of art, craft and hand creation. Jane has been designing her own unique fashion and picture hand- knitted garments since 1985. Website | Facebook

Look Mama!


Look Mama! is the result of a creative group of people getting together to have a laugh. To make beautiful things like button badges, mugs and greetings cards. Think a little bit quirky and you might just find Look Mama! Website | Twitter

OzTimber Treasures


OzTimber Treasures by Merv Bailey are made form Australian native timbers. You can find burl bowls, clocks and lamps made from Australian native burls plus a variety of items made from the Australian Banksia and other Australian native timbers. Website

Erica Soy Candles


Erica Soy Candles are hand poured and are generously scented. Handmade by Erica Walker, her non-toxic candles are made from a blend of all natural soy ingredients and high quality natural fragrances. Website

Nigel Gillings Original Artworks


Nigel Gillings Original Artwork features a response to many visual and emotional triggers, and once begun takes on a life of its own. Many works explore the nature of love and relationships, some are celebrations of beauty in its many forms, and most are concerned with creating an ‘environment’ which the viewer can enter and hopefully respond to. Website

So when is the next Handmade Market?

October 4th and 5th, December 6th and 7th

The Handmade Market that takes place 4 times a year is the ingenious idea of Handmade Canberra. Did you know they have a shop front too? It is located at City Walk, 20 Allara Street, Canberra ACT 2601. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more information.

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