Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel – A Day in Transit


On my solo journey to the land of the rising sun, I had made my way from Canberra to Sydney by bus to catch an early morning flight out to Narita, Japan via Gold Coast on Jetstar. With a 5am check-in and an airport that doesn’t stay open 24 hours; I just had to put up in a hotel.

I have travelled alone many times but it had always been for shorter distances. Travelling without Joseph this time all the way to Japan seems different and putting up in a budget hotel did not seem like a good way to start my journey.

So I type this out as I sit on my half-moon shaped study table in a Superior Room on the 12th floor of the Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel. My large room with pastel tones and crème walls and light brown wooden furniture has a very Parisian feel to it.

I had just spent last evening in my dear friend Azlina’s abode and she had a similar interior styling going on in her beautiful home. The white sofas, beige walls, beautiful posters and artwork representing Paris all encompassed in a unique and warm design. No wonder she said she liked staying at Stamford Plaza!

The Good:

The hotel is extremely close to both the Sydney International and Domestic Airport. It cost only $6 each on the Super Shuttle to make your way to and from the hotel. The rooms are spacious and clean and have all the basic amenities you need. Details of my room here. You can also get a much better rate on the hotel room by booking via Qantas. What would have cost me $199 from the hotel directly, turned out to be $30 lesser via Qantas. You can look it up here.

The Bad:

The hotel does not provide free Wi-Fi in the room and if you really need it you could opt to use their computer downstairs in the lobby or their complimentary 30minute Wi-Fi. But if that is not enough, a day’s worth of Wi-Fi access cost $25. The other down side is that there aren’t any restaurants or eateries nearby, so if you are anything like me where I just want to stay put in my room till my flight departs, a simple meal in the hotel restaurant could cost you anywhere between $20 to $36 dollars.

Having said that, would I stay here again? Definitely! The comforts of the room far outweigh the fact that they charge for internet and have limited food options. I am after all spending less than 24 hours here; my mobile phone is all I need. Let me leave you with shots of my room.










The Stanford Plaza Sydney Airport Hotel is located at Cnr Robey & O’Riordan Street, NSW 2020 Australia. Tel: 61 (2) 9317 2200

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