The Haven: Pay-Per-Use Lounge at Changi Airport, Singapore


Imagine arriving at an airport where you need to wait for your next flight beyond the transit zone. Perhaps you need to wait eight hours or more and paying for regular hotels may not be an option, when all you need is a place to unwind for a few hours. You may also need to grab a bite, send some emails, browse through the Internet for a bit and would love to take a cool refreshing shower before you board the next flight. Look no further for The Haven at Singapore’s amazing Changi airport is just the right place for you.

Transiting at Changi Airport is always loads of fun. The transit time just dissipates because there are heaps of exciting things to keep you occupied. You could merrily shop away, dine at a variety of restaurants, hang around at the many relaxing spots within the airport or doze off at the many sleeping zones in select areas. But did you know that Changi Airport has a pay-per use hotel which has shower facilities not just within transit areas but also past the immigration at arrival hall in Terminal 3?

During my recent trip to China which required me to fly via Singapore, I landed at the Changi Airport at 10AM. The connecting flight to China was at 6PM and I felt rather than hanging out within the airport I would go out into Singapore to meet some friends and sample some delicious fish soup. I knew later I would require a nice shower before I board my flight to China. Hotels for such a short duration would not be an option and it was at this juncture I discovered The Haven at Changi Airport.

After spending a few great hours with friends in the city I went to The Haven, relaxed for a while, had a nice shower, ate a hot meal, nibbled at the complimentary food station and boarded my flight to China all relaxed and refreshed. It cost SGD74.15 (approximately USD58) for my four hour stay.

Here is some information for you, should you feel that this may be of interest on your next visit…

You can opt for the just the Shower Service or the 3-hour Nap Room service which includes a shower, hot meal and lounge access. Alternatively if you don’t need the Nap Room then check out the Full Lounge Package that include shower, hot meal, usage of lounge facilities; wireless internet, cable TV, magazines and refreshments. These lounge packages come with a 2hour, 5 hour and 8 hour options with an hourly extension add-on too.


The nap room provides the comfort of a real bed to take a short rest in a private room


The Nap Room consists of a television for entertainment, a vanity table and LAN cable for internet connectivity. The nap room package is sold for a minimum of 3 hours, which can be extended upon request. There are a total of 18 nap rooms (connecting rooms are available)


The shower room is equipped with a relaxing rain shower, restroom facilities, wash basin and a built-in hairdryer. Bath towel and shower amenities (shampoo, shower gel, hair conditioner) is be provided with the package. There are a total of 13 shower rooms

I chose the Nap Room option as that not only provided me full access to the lounge inclusive of a hot meal, free flowing refreshments and snacks, wireless internet, desktop and printing facilities but also a private space to unwind and relax.

The Nap Room had a single bed, dressing table and stool, TV, charging points and complimentary drinking water. I could also choose at what time I required my hot meal and they would give me a ring when it was ready. What I discovered though is that the Nap Room space it just enough for one adult or one adult and child. So if you are travelling as a couple you would have had to take two separate Nap Rooms.

The shower facilities are allocated for just a one-time use where you have to get a key from the front desk to access a shower room which is equipped with a toilet, basic toiletries, towel and hairdryer. But should you need to use just the toilets, these are accessible on the other side of the shower rooms anytime.

I took an extension of one hour adding to my already existing 3-hour Nap Room duration. I organised myself in this order – a short nap, hot meal, shower and check-out. I nibbled on the complimentary snacks and refreshments that are freely available. These include a free-flow access to fruits, cereals, cookies, toast, instant noodles, hot drinks and sodas. I thought that was pretty awesome!

The Haven’s Hot Meal choices depend on the time of day you check-in. Since I had checked-in in the afternoon, my choices were between Teriyaki Chicken and Rice or Roti Prata and Dhal. I chose the Teriyaki Chicken and was pleasantly surprised by the delicious herbal vegetable soup that accompanied my meal.


Teriyaki Chicken and Rice accompanied with a herbal vegetable soup. I could just pick my choice of beverage from the cooler or make myself a cup of coffee. It was entirely up to me and at no extra cost


The complimentary unlimited drinks and snack section


The hot drink station – unlimited access too


The lounge has a business centre with internet workstations, photocopier machine and complimentary wireless internet service

The benefit of having a Nap Room was that I could leave my suitcase and other personal belongings inside my room, lock the door and head to the shower room with just my fresh change of clothes. It made things very simple for me. I observed other travellers wheeling their suitcases with them into the shower room which is quite convenient too because the shower rooms are pretty large. The bottom line is whether you opt for a Nap Room or just a shower facility, The Haven provides a convenient way to refresh yourself before a flight.

Feeling rejuvenated and vivacious, I checked out from The Haven ensuring I had additional time to indulge in a dab of duty free shopping and luxuriate in the many facilities Changi Airport has to offer. Now that you know some of my long list of reasons I love transiting or flying out of Singapore, you should try doing this sometime by yourself. And if you do, please share the experience, I would love to hear it.

The Haven is located at #01-18 Arrival Hall Terminal 3, Changi Airport. Visit their official website for more information.

Joseph Ellis