Floriade NightFest 2014

by Rosemarie John on October 8, 2014

So it was the last day of the Floriade Nightfest 2014 and I decided to give it ago. To my surprise, I managed to get tickets just 3 hours before NightFest opened its gates, how lucky was that?

I had already seen the beautiful flowers during the day, and decided I should at least see what the Floriade NightFest 2014 was all about. To be honest, I preferred looking at the flower beds when the sun was out but I suppose since not many events run till late, this was, in a way unique. My highlight of the evening was bumping into the NightFest King and Queen… they didn’t speak, they just walked very slowly and bowed all the time, so I am guessing they were King and Queen… anyhow here are some of the pictures I took that night! Did you go? What were your thoughts?









Interested to see how the flower beds looked like during the day? View my photos of the Floriade 2014 here!

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