Stuff I Want – Our New Online Shop

by Joseph Ellis on November 18, 2014

Stuff I Want

Travel and Beyond is excited to announce its first online shop called Stuff I Want. The dream behind this venture is to bring joy to any soul seeking to paint the canvas of their life with a dash of colour and style. And most of you who have known us through our musings on this blog would discover that the products that we have displayed on our Etsy Store share our passion for zest and vivacity for life and of all things we consider pretty enough to be surrounded with.

During the course of our travels we have spent copious amounts of time in bazaars observing how people adorned themselves or decorated their homes. These were items that reflected their culture, tradition and personality. Deciding to garnish our life with a slice of different cultures, we started shopping for unique products over the years and filled our home with lots of brilliant hues purchased from different corners of the world. Not only did this fill our life with joy and happiness but has often-brought smiles and appreciative nods from people visiting our home.

And so, at the beginning of this year we thought why not we bring some merriment to people who shop for stuff that may make them smile. It took us several months to start this site and finally with a handful of handpicked items we are online now with Stuff I Want. Yes, you will observe that our store does not have a huge range yet. But we are confident that given time it will grow as we go about handpicking items we think are pretty and exclusive. The aim is to just keep most items unique and one of a kind. Most items once sold will not be repeated again as the artisans we work with can only make one piece only. Though exclusive, we keep our prices low and offer free shipping within Australia and subsidized shipping to the rest of the world.

Our goal from this venture is to make life a little more colourful – one shade at a time…

We appreciate your patronage, support and comments, as they will bolster our efforts to look for more unique products for you. We hope you will enjoy the site.

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