Boozy Brekky at The Elk and Pea Eating House

by Rosemarie John on March 15, 2015


Early on a Sunday morning, we set off to enjoy a Boozy Brekky at The Elk and Pea Eating House located on Lonsdale Street in the city. The autumn breeze still had a bite of chill as we parked alongside one of Canberra’s chic and eclectic street. We had heard so much about this restaurant and we were looking forward to sample its famous breakfast menu.

It was 8am when we entered the restaurant and were led to our table by Bria, one of the most courteous and friendly restaurant owners we have ever met. After being seated and having placed our orders, we looked around and saw a queue of diners forming outside. The Elk and Pea is definitely a popular restaurant and we were glad that we got there early.

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The first thing you notice when you walk in is the long narrow room with a number of elk heads on the wall. I found that very rustic which interestingly matched the elegance of the peacock blue banquettes seating on the right. We sat on a long high glass table in the middle of the room and noticed two beautiful peacocks, one on top of me and the other right behind Joseph in a cosy area that looked somewhat like a birdcage. The other end of the room had amber lighting and it looked warm and inviting.

 Our drinks arrived first. Joseph had a beer and I had a Mimosa made of Angove sparkling brut and orange juice. I must admit, it was my first time trying it. I am a teetotaler but I will try anything once! I was excited about breakfast as I saw colourful plates of food get served up at the table opposite from me.


Grrrr… my tummy rumbled and right on time that too as a beautiful dish was placed in front of me. I just knew it was going to taste good. How could it not, it had all my favourite ingredients – egg, feta, mushrooms, basil, avocado and sourdough! I pierced the poached egg to have the yoke spread over the mushrooms and took my first bite. The crumbly marinated feta cheese provided the tartness I like. I was in love… Make sure you get a bit of everything on your fork to get that perfect explosion of flavours in your mouth.


Joseph was already halfway through his breakfast by the time I decided to have a taste of his dish. It was a large plate of scrambled eggs on toast with wilted spinach, sautéed mushrooms, black beans paired with bacon and chorizo. Grande is an apt name for his breakfast as it was quite large. The black beans and corn chilli gave the dish a unique savoury flavor and the bacon and chorizo provided the saltiness that each bite needed. I’m a happy foodie when you don’t have to add extra seasoning to a dish… it only means that it was prepared in perfect balance.

Highly satiated by a scrumptious breakfast, we sat awhile longer sipping our cappuccinos. Besides the great food, there is something endearing about this place. It’s a jolly place run by hardworking and cheerful people. Despite the rush hour we noticed that they have a smile on their lips. The owner seems to toil away with her staff. It’s little wonder then, that their food and service is top notch.

It is surely going to be one of our favorite restaurants in Canberra, one that we will proudly recommend to family, friends and our beloved readers. Go ahead and try them and tell us what you think!

The Elk and Pea Eating House

Inspired by the fact that everybody loves a great breakfast and a good drink, the Boozy Brekky is a combination of both. For $25, every Sunday you could choose from the following menu:

Grande and House Beer

Two eggs the way you want it on sourdough toast with chorizo, mushrooms, bacon, spinach & black beans plus a house beer or

Smashed Avocado & Shrooms and a Mimosa

Marinated feta, smashed avocado, Thyme-butter mushrooms, torn basil, poached egg on sourdough toast plus mimosa cocktail

The Elk and Pea Eating House is located on 21 Lonsdale Street, Braddon

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