Driving Out to Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

by Rosemarie John on August 22, 2015

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

The great thing about Canberra is that while you could be dinning in variety of places, you could be out exploring a nature reserve the next! The number of things to do outdoors are abundant and on a fine Saturday morning, we braved the strong cold winds and decided on a light picnic amongst curious kangaroos at the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve.

Tidbinbilla, the traditional Country of the Ngunnawal people for at least 21,000 years is part of the Australian Alps national park, a series of parks and reserves that span Australia’s south-eastern high country. It has over twenty walking trails that range from easy short strolls to an all day bushwalk. We skipped bushwalking and made our way to the Eucalypt Forest to go koala spotting. We did not walk the entire length of the trail but were fortunate to bump into a Ranger who was just about to give a talk on koalas.

Right opposite the entrance to the Eucalypt Forest is the Sanctuary which is home to platypuses. The Sanctuary is protected by predator-proof fence and provides a safe refuge for native animals. The pathways are even accessible to wheelchairs. Instead of venturing into the Sanctuary, we got into the car and drove up to a look-out point. The views of the surrounding forests were beautiful especially when the sun decided to show itself. What started out as a very cold morning turned into a lovely sunny afternoon.

Back at The Flints, a mob of kangaroos surrounded us as we sat down on a picnic table for a quick bite of our sandwiches. I was a bit worried if they would get too close but as soon as we finished eating, these curious marsupials hopped away. I know kangaroos are everywhere in Canberra but it was an awesome way to see them oh! so close as they starred me down while I chewed away.

Did you know? 

The name ‘Tidbinbilla’ comes from ‘Jedbinbilla’, meaning ‘where boys become men’, referring to initiation ceremonies on the mountain tops.

We’re definitely heading to the Sanctuary on our next trip!


Driving to Tidbinbilla

Drive Directions: Tidbinbilla is located to the south of Canberra, an easy 40 minute drive from the city centre.

Entry Fees: It cost $11.50 for a day pass for a private vehicle. Find complete details on entry fees here.

Ranger Guided Activities: Check and download the program here.

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