Eat Drink Blog 6 – Australian Food and Drink Bloggers Conference Canberra

Eat Drink Blog 6

Eat Drink blog 6, a three day extravaganza of learning, sharing and eating! In its sixth year running, we were proud that it was being held in Canberra.

Canberra gets a lot of crap from outsiders, outsiders who don’t understand what it is like to live here, or perhaps just prefer a different atmosphere. For me, Canberra is not only beautiful and peaceful but a melting pot of cultures that is expressed through the numerous festivals and food options we have all year round (we do have a beach too, just a FYI).

We were happy that our city got a chance to showcase our bountiful offerings, albeit only the food side of things through the vision of an amazing committee that worked hard to make it possible. Having moved from a foodie city like Singapore, we were excited when we discovered the intense foodie side of Canberrans and jumped on the bandwagon immediately.

We are not going to get into the learning and knowledge sharing we absorbed or list our hourly activities during the 3-day conference, you can read it here (official program page), here (Flore’s blog), here (Gary’s blog) or here (Erin’s blog). What we are going to show you instead, is how our 3-days looked like,what Joseph, Angie and I got up too. What was placed in front of us practically every hour! Ok, we’re exaggerating, but be warned, what you’re about to see, will make you very hungry.

If you’re ever planning a holiday with the obvious intention to have an amazing amalgamation of sight-seeing and food adventures, Visit Canberra!






We skipped two sessions to run a few errands. don’t worry, we have back up to brief us on what we missed.

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