Miss Van’s Street Food in Canberra

Miss Van's Street Food

If I were to be asked, where my favorite place to eat is in Canberra? It isn’t hard for me to choose. It would be Miss Van’s Street Food!

Why? Because, I grew up in a multi-cultural country where food was an integral part of social/cultural integration; Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese cuisine were available at every corner you turned and Miss Van’s offerings have been the only dishes that have tasted very much to what I used to eat in Kuala Lumpur.

While my heritage is Indian, being Malaysian-born entitles me to a very different palate. Mine is a palate that can’t accept not eating at least four different cuisines in a week. For instance, I simply cannot do a whole week of Indian, Chinese, Malay, Mexican, Australian or Italian food. It has to be a mixture of various cuisines in order for me to function properly. Yup, I’m weird that way.

Miss Van’s has captured my heart… no wait, captured my stomach… oh you know the saying…. ‘a way to a foodie’s heart is through her stomach’? Haha, I can’t believe I just said that. I have been eating at Miss Van’s since 4 months now and while I may have repeated a few dishes, my favourite so far has got to be the Hainanese Chicken Rice (which is currently a ‘specials’ dish and not on their menu permanently. Oh how I wish it was!

The other aspect of eating at Miss Van’s is the location. I just love the laid back feel of dinning outdoors without having the need to frock up. I must add that in Malaysia, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Pho are not considered street food. It is actually considered proper sit down lunch or dinner meals. But hey, I’ll go with street food considering I do sit on a tarmac at Westside.

Joseph’s favourite restaurant at Westside is Daana, which serves the best Medhu Vada, Dosa and Biryani he’s ever had in Canberra. I shall leave that for another post. Meanwhile, here’s a look at what my adventures at Miss Van’s looks like.

My Vietnamese Iced #coffee and lemongrass chicken and rice from @missvansfood at @westsideacton #Canberra #food

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I just got transported to Malaysia, where I grew up, where Hainanese Chicken Rice was at least a twice a week affair! I remember always asking for extra coriander leaves from the stall owner and he would generously add it for me. These memories were brought on by @missvansfood Hainan Chicken Rice, this week’s special! The poached chicken in pandan broth and coriander and ginger pesto is my idea of a perfect dinner! Thank you guys for making my day! It was so delicious, I will have to have it again! #tastecanberra #canberra #canberraeats #thiscanberranlife #sofranksocial #all_shots #australia #australiagram #delicious #foodie #food #foodporn #getinmybelly #igers #igfood #igaddict #instafood #instayum #travelblog #yummyinmytummy

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Miss Van’s is located at Westside, 3 Barrine Dr, Acton ACT 2602.

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