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A mere 51 minutes away from Canberra city, at the edge of Gibraltar Creek Pine Forest, sits Gibraltar Falls. A beautiful spot for a picnic we thought, so we packed the car with goodies, our favourite picnic mat and set off. We even made a quick stop at Lambrigg Lookout which offers a panoramic view of the plains below. Back on the road and a few minutes later, the light sound of gushing water is immediately heard as we alighted from our vehicle. A sudden feeling of serenity engulfed us.

The waterfalls is not immediately visible. What you see instead are two picnic tables and some open space to set down your picnic mat. You need to descend a flight of stairs to get to the viewing platform. As you reach closer, the falls almost look like silver tear tracks on the wrinkled face of a brown rock giant. The gushing sound of the falls was cacophonous now. We had reached the platform.

Gibraltar Falls RoseJ

Gibraltar Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the ACT, descending a vertical distance of 50 metres. Below the falls, Gibraltar Creek enters a granite-walled gorge that extends for 800 metres through to Woods Reserve. There is a 1.2km walking track to Woods Reserve.

The waterfall flowed as smoothly as syrup. The frogs croaking nearby added to the wonderful sounds. We didn’t want to leave, but since the viewing platform isn’t very large, you need to allow for other people to take their turn to admire nature’s spectacle. Up the stairs we went and the noise subsided as we walked away. We had our lunch and stayed a while longer before it was time to leave. The sound of rushing water became a distant humming again but its soul-swelling peacefulness followed us all the way home.

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Gibraltar Falls is located on Corin Road, Namadgi National Park, (45 kms south-west of Canberra), Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, 2000. Get directions here.


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