10 Things to do in Canberra

Things to do in Canberra

We were recently featured on Visit Canberra where 10 of our photos were used to display the beauty that is Canberra. We feel honoured to be recognised by such a prominent organisation and we would like to share this moment with you.

The following passage is taken from Visit Canberra’s Facebook Page:

We love to share different views of Canberra and from the moment Rosemarie John and Joseph Ellis arrived in the nation’s capital they caught our attention on social media with their colourful images and enthusiasm for exploring.

The travel aficionados moved to Canberra from the island of Singapore after years of travelling as far and wide as their time and budget could accommodate. “We named those journeys as holidays or adventures but in reality we were looking for a place to call home. We visited Canberra in 2012 and knew instantly that she was going to be our forever home and here we are!” Rosemarie said.

Rosemarie’s love for travel was inspired by her parents who shared stories and ‘treasures’ from their own trips. “It was their globetrotting spirit that laid the seed of wanderlust and photography in me,” she said. “Today, I too globetrot with Joseph whose love for photography is as much as mine; we take lots of photos and tell our own tales through imagery and words on our blog – Travel and Beyond.”

After moving to Canberra, Rosemarie and Joseph quickly discovered the Territory’s most photogenic features – “nature and food”. “The air is clean and crisp and mobs of kangaroos sometimes watch us along the roadside. The city is full of lakes and parks and a beautiful day would draw us out to soak it all in and snap a few shots while we’re at it. The restaurants cook up a storm and create some amazing food that sometimes looks almost too good to eat,” Joseph said. “Storytelling and photos go hand-in-hand. If one person is inspired enough to explore or try what we just have, that’s further inspiration for us to capture Canberra through our lenses.”

Their number one tip for taking a great image is patience. “We are rarely ever in control of what we are trying to capture. Scenes often unfold differently from how we planned it in our heads. Wanting something to be where we want it, but it’s not and maybe never will be is where we believe patience comes into play. Sometimes that shot you didn’t think would be good turns out great when you go home and view it on your monitor,” Rosemarie said.

If you have any questions about Rosemarie and Joseph’s beautiful images or photography, feel free to ask them. You can see more of their photos on Instagram at www.instagram.com/travelnbeyond/

The nation’s capital is our home and we are taking this opportunity to list ten of our favourite things to do in Canberra.

#1 Visit the Floriade


#2 Have a picnic at Gibraltar Falls


#3 Dine at the Museum Cafe


#4 Take a stroll by Lake Burley Griffin


#5 Experience Night Fest


#6 Get on board a sunset cruise


#7 Try the vegan pancake by Broadbean Catering


#8 Visit the water birds at Lake Ginninderra


#9 Breakfast at Elk and Pea


#10 Gaze at the beauty of the National Arboretum


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Rosemarie John and Joseph Ellis