National Multicultural Festival 2016 – Top Tips

by Rosemarie John on February 14, 2016

National Multicultural Festival 2016

Summer in the capital. What is it like? Apart from art and history exhibits, food and wine expos and open-air cinemas, Canberra’s summer is never complete without the National Multicultural Festival 2016!

I had written about it last year and even included some vital tips. This year, there are a few more additions to that list:

  • Make use of the additional Action blue and red rapid services if you prefer taking the bus. We park for $2 dollars flat at the Canberra Centre on Sundays so we made use of that.
  • Carry bottles of water to avoid dehydration. There is a water fountain near Garema place as well.
  • Always make a point to visit early in the day if you’d like first dibs on the food.
  • Must tries: Cannolis, Apollos, Rum Babas, Chips on a Stick, Waffle on a Stick, Chicken and Chorizo Paella, Abyssinian food – pumpkin and coconut chicken curry, Iranian food – meat and rice pilaf and Greek food – grilled octopuses!
  • If you didn’t try the Cannolis, Apollos and Rum Babas and cannot wait till next year, hit me up in the comments and I will tell you where you can get them all year round!
  • Visit the Malaysian Showcase and watch Roti Canai (pronouced: cha-nai) being flipped in the air live!

Download your essential festival guide and map here and here.

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Download your essential festival guide and map here.

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