Hot Air Ballooning in Canberra

by Rosemarie John on June 17, 2017

Gently floating upwards on a foggy morning, we waited for Air Traffic Control to give us clearance to be wafted into the clouds (literally). We were in a basket, drifting into the sky to admire Canberra’s landscape from up above. Whoosh… the burners went… and the higher we soared.

Looking down on State Circle, we felt blessed with the beauty that surrounded us. Those who call Canberra home know of her allure, but recognising it from 3,000 feet was something else. We fell deeper in love with her. We spent time identifying landmarks and roads, we thought about the people who don’t appreciate Canberra, we praised her beauty and discussed how special it was to call her home, there were also moments of silence, time for selfies and time to argue about bus routes!

We were hot air ballooning in Canberra and it was a special experience…

We thank Balloon Aloft for the video and photo of us in the basket.

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