Breakfast at Ricardo’s

Do you have a favourite haunt? Well, ours is in Belconnen and it’s not because we live there. There is something special about having breakfast at Ricardo’s. It’s almost like a ritual… you wait to get seated, you scan the menu, walk up to the register to order, pick up a bottle of water and then get hypnotized by their dessert showcase! We have been going to Ricardo’s for the last three years and it happens everytime.

If you haven’t seen their dessert showcase, then that’s definitely a reason to head to Ricardo’s. But today, we’re talking about our most recent breakfast. I ordered the Smoke Salmon Breakfast – smoked salmon, poached eggs, smashed pea and ricotta cheese, creame fraiche on toasted sourdough; while Joseph had the Breakfast Fritters – corn, zucchini and haloumi fritters, poached eggs (or scrambled), beetroot hummus, Moroccan cous cous, dukkah and harissa yoghurt.

The plates are large and the breakfast at Ricardo’s fills you up good. It’s a great place to have a slow breakfast considering how substantial the serve is. The combination of ingredients that make up their breakfast creates an explosion of flavours with each bite. We often find ourselves contemplating whipping up something like this at home, but it’s just not the same. Ricardo’s to Belconnen is what the Black Mountain Tower is to the city, a Canberra institution.

Ricardo’s is located at Jamison Plaza, 1/1 Bowman St, Macquarie ACT 2614.

Rosemarie John

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