Alpaca Magic – meet a llama or two

Llamas are my newest obsession. I have never seen one up-close until recently. They are tall, have a calm demeanour and are cuter than pugs.

They have soft fur, adorable ears and round bellies but I was only interested in one llama in particular… his name is Mahogany. With his perfect red polka-dotted bowtie, this South American domesticated camelid was hard to resist. He lives in Sutton (Alpaca Magic), just a thirty-minute drive from Canberra.

Unlike alpaca herd like mentality, llamas are pretty independent, and Mahogany was doing just that, strutting around the farm showing off his beautiful physique and posing with anyone who wanted a photo of him. He is a star and he knows it!

Born on the farm twenty-one years ago, he’s the oldest resident llama. A natural showman, he used to visit nursing homes across Canberra when he was younger where he enthralled and entertained his fans.

Mahogany is special, he is a rarity. He not only has a magnetic personality, drawing you in with his llama ‘smile’, he also loves people and enjoys a good cuddle.

Earlier before meeting Mahogany, I had spent all my carrots when I met Revlon—a gorgeous light-coloured llama who had an insatiable appetite for the bright orange root vegetable. She was a llama on a voracious mission, and carrots were her only agenda.

But, Mahogany, he was different, he was happy to mingle with people regardless of being fed or not. I fell in love with him and am happy to learn that Alpaca Magic is his forever home. Photos, hugs, selfies and a lot of laughter later, I went home thinking about how joy and happiness can be found in the most unexpected places.

Alpaca Magic is located at 2771 Sutton Road, Sutton NSW 2620. It’s a great day-trip idea if you’re looking to explore the Canberra region.

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