Chris’s Patisserie and Bakehouse on a Sunday morning

Tucked away deep in the Molonglo Valley, we discovered another hidden gem in our gorgeous city – Chris’s Patisserie and Bakehouse!

It’s a small corner cafe located in a row of shops diagonally opposite from Cooleman Court and right next to the petrol station. Straight away it was apparent that it’s a morning haunt for the locals that kept coming in one after another to order their coffee-to-go.

There was an article on the wall about them but I couldn’t find it online, I did find this one instead. The article talks about how delicious their pizzas and pastries are which made me very excited about the breakfast we had ordered.

My Avocado Spread was made up of smashed avocado and feta on house-made sourdough toast topped with poached eggs, salmon and capers. The poached eggs were perfect—just perfect, with gooey yolk oozing out as soon as I cut into them. Every bite was setting up my outlook for the day ahead – light hearted and merry.

Chris’s Waffles was our other dish and that was a colourful arrangement of stacked waffles, vanilla bean ice cream with house-made chocolate sauce and fresh fruits. The segments of oranges carefully placed on the plate showed us how much care has gone into it. The tartness of the fruits offered a delectable balance of sweet and tangy flavours.

As we enjoyed brekky with frothing cups of cappuccino, there were customers coming in to buy their pretty looking sweet tarts on display. If we were not on a mission to explore, we would have got ourselves one too!

Chris’s Patisserie and Bakehouse is located at 1/27 Brierly St, Weston Creek ACT 2611.

Rosemarie John

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