Tulip Top Gardens and the colours of spring

Dutch pancakes amidst tulips and flowering trees was a wonderful way to spend a day out in the lovely warm sun and cool breeze of springtime. Soaking in the beauty of Tulip Top Gardens, a 20-minute drive north of Canberra, was just what we needed after a hard work week.

Well, depending on where exactly you live in Canberra, the time it takes you to reach this private 10-acre garden may vary, but it’s worth the drive nonetheless.

Being early risers, we were at the gates by 8.45 am and were the first few to enter the grounds as they played instrumental hymns. It was such an inspirational start to our day as we strolled the garden admiring it’s beauty almost all to ourselves.

Open only 30-days in a year, this serene setting boasts over half a million bulbs and flowers that are hand planted. It’s a family owned establishment since 1997 and sits hidden away from the Federal Highway.

If not for the large sign that tells you they exist, this place is like a secret garden… and if you’re imagination is anything like mine, you might just see the crazy White Rabbit in his waistcoat scooting through the estate!

The weeping willow tree situated on the right-hand side as your walk down the sloped entrance is magnificent. I stopped right in my tracks to just gaze at it’s pendulous branches, dancing in the morning wind.

Pack your picnic blanket, food and a good book and let your mind, body and soul relax as you breathe in the botanical perfume that nature so kindly lends during this season.

Don’t forget to grab some Dutch Pancakes too! Read more about this marvelous spot before you head over. Last entry to the garden each day is at 4.15 pm.

Tulip Top Gardens is located at 20 Old Federal Highway, NSW.


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