Morning Dew a Denman Prospect favourite

We wandered in on a crisp Canberra morning and was immediately greeted with the aroma of brewing coffee. It was about 7.30am but Morning Dew was already busy with suburban folk and tradies popping in for a quick breakfast grab.

We ordered the Benny Dew and a croissant with scrambled eggs. Benny Dew is the cafe’s unique take on eggs benedict if you’re wondering. Two poached eggs sit on top of asparagus, bacon, creamed spinach, and a Japanese croquet while freshly made hollandaise sauce glazed the eggs and crumbs of feta and drizzles of balsamic glaze brought it all together so perfectly.

The croissant was bigger than your usual fair and was bursting with soft buttery scrambled eggs. The eggs had great consistency and we added a sprinkling of pepper to taste.

As we sipped on our warm drinks and discussed the plan for the day ahead, we noticed the high ceiling of the cafe. It creates that feeling of loftiness which is always a good thing. The option to be seated outside is also plentiful but this time, we chose to sit inside as the winds from the rolling hills were a bit too playful that morning.

If you’re a coffee freak, then Ona Coffee is no stranger to you! That’s what you’ll find at Morning Dew along with options for tea, shakes and smoothies.

On our second visit we had their bacon and egg roll. The Three Mills brioche bun encasing all the goodness of bacon, eggs, house-made garlic aioli, and tomato relish is another great option if you’re looking for something a bit more simpler.

Canberra is filled with wonderful cafe options and Morning Dew is now in our top ten list.

Morning Dew us located at Shop 5, Denman Village Shops, 1 Felstead Vista, Denman Prospect, Canberra.

Rosemarie John and Joseph Ellis

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